Recent Henderson Harbor and Eastern Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

Fishing out of Henderson Harbor and Eastern Lake Ontario is always a great experience. Here are some snapshots of great fishing experiences aboard the Milky Way.

  • Calm Day of Fishing Before the Storm!

    Luckily, with the storm front that moved through the area Tuesday evening, the Bob Zehr party had a beautiful day on the water fishing for Lake Trout on July 8th! Little did they know that the area they live in would experience a tornado that night as they were enjoying the great weather on Lake Ontario along with a decent day of catching fish.


  • Big Waves Result in Big Fish!

    On Sunday, July 6th, the Jim Schlieder party had a rough day of fishing thanks to the 4, 5 and occasional 6 foot waves Lake Ontario was throwing at them. Although the day was sunny and clear, it was cooler and the southwest winds created waves averaging between 4-6 feet which did not let up.


  • Slow Laker Day Trumped by a King!

    On Wednesday, July 2nd, the Bob Wright party went fishing for Lake Trout.  Although the fishing was slow, they did catch a few nice lakers but what really made the day was the bonus catch of a nice early summer King Salmon.  The July Kings are a thing of beauty and that was the case on this beautiful sunny day out on Lake Ontario after a night of wind and thunderstorms!


  • Limited Out on Lakers!

    The weather cooperated in spite of the marine forecast as well as the Lake Trout on the morning of Tuesday, June 24th.  The Yousey party had a good morning of fishing and were able to haul in some pretty nice Lake Trout.  The biggest Laker was caught by Myron Roggie and tipped the scales at about 14 lb. 8 oz.  The day turned into a good one for everyone involved especially when the guys took home their limit of Lake Trout!


  • Friday the 13th - Nothing but Good Luck on this 4-Boat Corporate Trip!

    Friday the 13th superstition usually brings thoughts of "bad" things happening on this date but the guys that went on this corporate charter trip experienced nothing but "good" on this day - good times, good fishing and good food! Milky Way Fishing Charters made arrangements for 3 other boats to join in a corporate fishing charter effort sponsored by Balchem, Diamond V and West Central. 


  • Great Catch of "Eyes" - Great Group of Guys!

    On Saturday, May 31st, the Ben Pate party went out fishing for Walleyes.  Their catch consisted of 11 nice Walleyes and 1 Pike.  The guys had a great day of fishing and lots of fun as well as a gorgeous day out on the water. It turned out to be a very enjoyable charter day for all!


  • Another Great Day of Walleye Fishing!

    The Tim Suiter party proudly holds half of their Spring Walleye catch after a great day of fishing! On Sunday, May 25th, the party of 4 caught 8 nice Walleyes.  Lake Ontario offered up one of her more decent days with a nice "Walleye" chop and a cool, sunny day which resulted in good fishing and a fun enjoyable day had by all!


  • Father/Son Team Take On Lake Ontario

    Even Lake Ontario's less than ideal fishing conditions couldn't keep the smile from Tim Rooker Jr.'s face when he caught this nice Brown. Overall, Tim, Jr. and Tim, Sr. caught 4 Browns and 2 spite of the rough seas and the 40 degree weather!


  • Doug Miller Party - Trophy Walleyes for All!

    Here are the guys from the Doug Miller party holding 4 of the 5 Walleyes they caught fishing with Milky Way Fishing Charters on Saturday, May 10th. They also brought in a nice Northern Pike and a small Brown Trout. This is one of the bonuses of fishing in the Henderson Harbor area of Lake Ontario. You never know what is on the other end of the line! A decent day of fishing and a fun time had by all!


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