Father/Son Team Return to take on Lake Ontario

In spite of the rough seas of Lake Ontario and 40 degree temperatures, Tim Rooker Jr. and Sr. had to endure in May 2014, they returned this year to try another Spring fishing trip and this time the weather cooperated! With lots of sunshine, a little chop on the water and almost a 60 degree temperature, they had a great day of fishing. Tim Jr. is having his Lake Trout mounted (the biggest one he has ever caught) so he can always enjoy his catch. They also caught all the Lake Trout they wanted to take home and one small Brown plus a couple more Lakers that were caught and released.

All in all, they were quite happy with their trip and hope to return for some late summer fishing. Hopefully, Tim Jr. will get a chance to land one of Lake Ontario's famous big King Salmon. We are looking forward to again welcoming them aboard the Milky Way later this fishing season!

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  • Lots of Fish! = Lots of Fun!

    Friday, September 12th, turned out to be a busy day for the Paul Mast party as they hauled aboard a nice catch of fish! Included in this haul were 4 King Salmon, 10 Lake Trout and 1 Brown Trout.


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