Bragging Rights for Biggest Fish!

When it comes to "bragging rights" from the Paul Mast fishing party on Tuesday, September 2nd, this title goes to Paul's daughter, Emily, who landed a 25 lb. King Salmon! . This is no easy feat no matter how big you are or how many times you have battled the King Salmon. And Emily Mast battled her King like a pro. On a day that started out with rough waters on the lake but later turned into a nice day, the fishing crew also took in their limit of Lake Trout along with a bonus of 4 Whitefish. It was a good fishing day for everyone, especially Emily!

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  • Pair of Kings Make Day!

    On Saturday, August 30th, long-time fishing client, Nigel, and his crew, once again boarded the Milky Way to try their hand at Lake Ontario fishing. Nigel had the hot hand as he landed two nice King Salmon.


  • Short Day Results in Long Fish!

    On Tuesday, August 26th, after a string of nice flat days out on Lake Ontario, mother nature roughed things up with some 4 foot waves in the "trench!" The Bob Cefalu crew toughed it out as long as they could, and called it a day around 8:30 a.m. But, not before they managed to put two Kings on board the Milky Way! 


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