Fishermen Battle Rough Seas and Kings!

On Saturday, September 6th, Lake Ontario was not kind to the fishermen aboard the Milky Way as they had to battle some pretty rough seas and unsettled stomachs when it came to the weather. But, luckily for this crew, that was not all they had to battle. They got to experience the fun and excitement of catching some nice King Salmon along with a Lake Trout to help take their minds off everything else. Hats off to the Rick Welsh party for "toughing" it out and bringing aboard a nice catch of King Salmon. Great job of fishing guys!

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  • Pair of Kings Make Day!

    On Saturday, August 30th, long-time fishing client, Nigel, and his crew, once again boarded the Milky Way to try their hand at Lake Ontario fishing. Nigel had the hot hand as he landed two nice King Salmon.


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