Lakers Done Texan Style

When you think of Texas, you generally think in terms of big, and since 3 of the 4 members of the Phil Scott party were from Texas, they showed us what big is all about! On Tuesday, July 29th, these fishermen caught some really nice lunker Lake Trout and fulfilled their limit of Lakers. Adding to the enjoyable day of fishing were the delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies that Rose Scott sent aboard for the charter trip! We hope these Texans are taking some "big" memories back to Texas with them!

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  • Summer "Steelie" Steals Show!

    Saturday, July 19th, on a gorgeous, flat, calm day out on the lake, Milky Way Fishing Charters ran a trip for Saiff Charters. The guys not only had one of the best weather days Lake Ontario has to offer, but they had a pretty good day of fishing on top of it!


  • Great Day on Lake Brings Great Day of Fishing!

    On Friday, July 18th, Milky Way Fishing Charters ran a charter for Captain Scott Lennox. The lake started out pretty choppy in the morning but settled down which is pretty normal for the variety of seas the lake can offer. On the same note, the lake can produce a variety of fish as proven on this day of fishing.


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