Great Day on Lake Brings Great Day of Fishing!

On Friday, July 18th, Milky Way Fishing Charters ran a charter for Captain Scott Lennox. The lake started out pretty choppy in the morning but settled down which is pretty normal for the variety of seas the lake can offer. On the same note, the lake can produce a variety of fish as proven on this day of fishing.

This resulted in the usual typical day of limiting out on Lake Trout as well as catching a couple of bonus Brown Trout and Whitefish. The trip ended in a great day on the water, both for enjoying and fishing!

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  • Two-Day Mixed Bag of Weather Produces Nice Bag of Fish!

    After working on a 2-day multiple boat charter for Saiff Charters, the fishermen got to experience both the good and bad of Lake Ontario.  Saturday, July 12th, was a beautiful sunny calm day out on the Lake while Sunday, July 13th, served up wind, rain and continuous 4-5 foot waves with 6 footers towards the end of the afternoon.


  • Calm Day of Fishing Before the Storm!

    Luckily, with the storm front that moved through the area Tuesday evening, the Bob Zehr party had a beautiful day on the water fishing for Lake Trout on July 8th! Little did they know that the area they live in would experience a tornado that night as they were enjoying the great weather on Lake Ontario along with a decent day of catching fish.


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