Lake Trout Limit for the Bob Zehr Party!

On Saturday, July 9th, the Bob Zehr party went out fishing on the Milky Way. The five guys not only caught their limit of Lake Trout, but also 3 skipper Salmon and one 10 lb. King. Even though the lake was a little on the rough side, a good day of fishing was experienced by all the fishermen!

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  • Rough Waters But Happy Clients!

    On Monday, June 27th, the Dave Gracey party chartered the Milky Way to try their hand at fishing on Lake Ontario. Unfortunately, Lake Ontario was not on her best behavior that day as the gusty winds made for a rocky day of fishing. In spite of all that, Dave, Kim and family caught some big Lake Trout and enjoyed their day on the water!


  • Lake Trout Limit for Father's Day!

    On Sunday, June 19th, Dan Cobb and his family boarded the Milky Way for a fun day of fishing.  The weather was great and the fishing was even greater as the family had a busy day of hauling in their limit of Lake Trout.


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