Fishing Time on Lake Ontario Results in Big Time Fish

The Jeff Coons party knew what to do as they boarded the Milky Way on Saturday morning, August 23rd. They caught a lot of big fish!! Not only did they catch their limit of Lake Trout, they also caught 3 mature big King Salmon. The youngest fishermen, Chase, really got into the action fighting for his big King Salmon.This was an experience he will never forget! Everyone got to enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Ontario and more importantly, they got to appreciate an even better day of fishing!

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  • Gold Star Crew - Gold Star Day!

    On Thursday, August 21st, another multiple corporate charter trip was run by Milky Way Fishing charters. On this 2 boat trip (assisted by Saiffs), the Gold Star Feed & Grain crew were able to get their limit of Lake Trout while enjoying a beautiful summer day out on the Lake. 


  • Sweet 16 - Steelhead, That Is!

    On Tuesday, August 19th, after summer finally decided to return to the area, Milky Way Fishing Charters ran a charter with Saiffs. Besides being an enjoyable summer day out on the water, there was some pretty good fishing!


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