Fishermen Endure Lake Ontario to Catch Lakers & A Brown Trout!

Bill Thomas and party had chartered the Milky Way for Aug. 4th and 5th to have a day of trolling and a day of bass fishing. Two years ago they chartered with us and had great success with both types of fishing! Unfortunately, this year, Lake Ontario was angry on those specific charter dates and as a result, the party did get out on Fri., the 5th but with the average wave heights being 5 1/2 feet on Sat. a.m with it increasing to an average of 7.5 feet in the afternoon, Saturday's charter was cancelled. The party did choose to try trolling on Friday, and in spite of one of the fishermen becoming very sea sick, the crew stuck it out to catch a few Lake Trout. And as fortune would have it, the fisherman who was not doing so well, felt a lot better when he landed a nice Brown Trout! Sometimes, the weather just does not cooperate with fishing plans, but we try to do our best to accommodate the clients according to the conditions!

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