Rough Seas & Tough Fishing Still Results in Lots of Smiles!

On Monday, Aug. 20th, the Dan Whitehead family tried their luck at fishing on Lake Ontario. Unfortunately, Lake Ontario was not in a good mood. The winds built up 5 to 6 foot waves out on the lake and fishing had to be limited to the lower end of the trench. This party, made up of Dan, John and three enthusiastic youngsters, Aimsley, Beth and Luke wanted to catch fish and they were able to bring 3 Lake Trout aboard the boat. Although this is not the kind of day that charter captains like to have their customers experience, it is still a day of fishing and thus it will be posted on our website. As true fishermen know, these results can happen for various reasons, and today the fishing was definitely limited by the rough waters of Lake Ontario. In spite of the day, this party really seemed to enjoy their trip and their appreciation of the hard work involved under the not so favorable conditions, makes a not so good day of fishing much more bearable for everyone aboard the Milky Way!

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