Kings Make the Day for the Kevin Peachey Party!

On Sat., June 30th, the Kevin Peachey party of 5 went fishing with Milky Way Fishing Charters which was the 2nd voyage out on the Albemarle 280 Express. And once again, fish were caught aboard this boat. At times, with the rough seas out on Lake Ontario, it was doubtful that the fishing day could be completed, but the conditions improved. After the day was completed, this party of 5 fishermen ended up catching 5 big Kings, 1 Brown Trout and also 1 small Laker which they wanted to keep for eating. The fishermen had fun catching fish even though Lake Ontario was not on her best behavior!

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  • A Day Fit for Kings!

    The Sat., June 23rd charter for the John Reed party fishing with Milky Way Fishing Charters did turn out to be "a day fit for Kings!" The four members of the fishing party were kept busy as they caught 6 out of 9 King Salmon.


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