Foggy Day But PA Fishermen See Their Way Clear For Lake Trout Limit!

On Saturday, Sept. 16th, the Brian Warholic party found themselves on Lake Ontario in pea-soup thick fog fishing in the trench. But it was not too long before the rig released, and Landon, the youngest member of the fishing crew, found himself battling a King Salmon.  Landon won the battle and the King ended up in the cooler! Unfortunately, that was it for catching Kings and as the day proceeded and the fog finally burned off, the Milky Way headed out to deeper water to fish for Lake Trout. The fishermen who consisted of Bernie, Brian, Bill, Kyle, Lenny, and Landon got lots of action as the trout turned on and they found themselves limiting out on the Lakers! There were some nice big Lake Trout being landed with one of them tipping the scales at 16 pounds caught by Brian! Since this was the last scheduled charter for the Milky Way, we could not have asked for a more perfect day, including the weather, catching lots of big fish and this extremely enjoyable and enthusiastic crew of fishermen!

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