Five Kings for the Five Zehr Brothers!

After being blown off the water earlier in June, the Matt Zehr party rebooked and their persistence for fishing on Lake Ontario paid off for them on Thurs., Aug. 25th! The party of five, which consisted of all brothers, had 10 Kings on and 5 of them were landed into the boat. Each of the five brothers had the experience of landing his own King Salmon. Although it was a bit rocky, fishing in the trench area of the lake provided some great results for the Zehr brothers! And once again, it proved to be a successful day of fishing aboard Milky Way Fishing Charters!

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  • Almost Another Laker Limit!

    On Sat., Aug. 20th, the Rick Welsh party chartered with the Milky Way. On this day, the lake did not settle down until later in the afternoon and varied water temperatures made the fishing tough for everyone trying to fish that day!


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