Fishing Couples Land Lake Trout Limit Along With 4 Skipper Salmon!

Friday, July 21st was a great day of fishing for the Alan Pleasant Party. Alan and Gwen Pleasant along with their fishing buddies and friends, Dennis and Sheila Miller, came aboard the Milky Way to try their hand of fishing on Lake Ontario. The day started out fishing for the big Kings, but even though they did not hook up, 4 skipper Salmon did, which makes for pretty good eating! The concentration was then put on Lake Trout and the party ended up with their limit of Lakers even though the Lake Ontario waves were building into 4 and 5 footers towards the end of the charter. The fishing trip was a lot of fun for everyone, especially when the Captain's wife, Cindy, went as a replacement for regular 1st mate, Tom, who had another commitment! This made the trip sort of a "battle of the sexes" as  there were 3 married couples aboard and a lot of sharp "wits" and "poking fun!" There also were a lot of "discussions" as to who caught the biggest fish but all in all, the ladies won out as Gwen caught the biggest fish, a 17 1/2 pound lunker Lake Trout! Way to go ladies!

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