Biggest Fish Ever Caught Aboard the Milky Way!

On Tuesday, July 13th, the buzz around the harbor was all about the 36 pound monster Lake Trout that was caught on the Milky Way! This was the biggest fish ever to be caught in our 33 years of charter fishing! The lucky fisherman was Frank Dziczek who managed to land this whopper fish around 7:30 in the morning. This party of three consisting of John, Steve and Frank were from Pennsylvania and it was Frank's first time fishing on Lake Ontario. What a way to start! The group ended up taking home 9 Lake Trout and besides the 36 pounder, 4 of the lakers were lunkers in their own right probably weighing in around 15-16 pounds. Frank, of course, is going to have his amazing monster Lake Trout mounted! It goes without saying, that this is a charter that all of us connected with Milky Way Fishing Charters will never forget!

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