3 Boat Corporate Trip Slam the Lake Trout!

After this three boat charter that Milky Way Fishing Charters hosted for Prince Agri Products along with Captains Scott Lennox and Billy Saiff, there are quite a few less lake trout swimming around in Lake Ontario!The fishermen on board the three charter boats each successfully took in their limits of lake trout in spite of the wind and rough seas they had to endure on Friday, August 15th. Afterward, the fishermen went back to the harbor for a lunch meeting at Westview Lodge and got to taste the fruit of their labor by having some of the catch of the day prepared for them by the restaurant at the lodge. It was a great day of fishing and a great day of eating!

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  • Lots of Lakers - Lots of Fun!

    It was a good day for fishing, how can you miss with great weather and an enjoyable crew of fishermen! On Monday, August 11th, the Tom Channell party headed out on the Milky Way to try their hand at fishing on Lake Ontario in the Henderson Harbor area.


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