2 Days of Fishing Results in Lots of Fish!

After 3 - 4 days of non-stop wind riling up Lake Ontario and a couple of cancellations, Ron Duprey's 2 day fishing trip on July 30th and July 31st resulted in some good seas and even better, lots of good fishing! On the first day, the party consisting of Ron, Rodney and Brandon, landed 5 Lake Trout, 2 Skipper Salmon plus 1 Brown Trout. On day 2, they had an even better day by catching 8 Lakers, 1 nice mature King and 3 Browns! Needless to say, this trio of fishermen were kept busy both days landing the variety of big fish! So, lots of fish and lots of fun made for an enjoyable 2-day charter aboard the Milky Way!

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