2 Days of Fishing Net Lots of Fish for Fishing Buddies from Maine!

On Sat. & Sun., Sept. 7th and 8th, Charles Stratton returned to Lake Ontario again this year to do their 2-day fishing weekend with Milky Way Fishing Charters. On the first day, this crew of 4, consisting of Charlie, Charlie, Jr., Pete and Hal, landed 3 King Salmon, 1 Brown Trout, 1 Lake Trout and a Whitefish. Day 2, on Sunday, proved to be more productive as each of the guys got to land a King Salmon along with a Lake Trout limit of 12 trout! On Day 1, everyone but Hal landed a King so on Day 2, Charlie, Jr. handed over his turn to Hal so he landed a King! You couldn't ask for a better ending to this 2 day fishing trip when just as the decision was made to start pulling the rods up and end the day, Charlie Jr's. turn was up and he landed the biggest King of the trip! The 2 days of fishing with this bunch of guys and experiencing their comradery sure made it an enjoyable weekend for everyone aboard the Milky Way!

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