Maiden Voyage With Bob Zehr Party Proves to be Successful

Finally, on Wed., June 27th, the Albemarle 280 Express was all equipped and ready to go fishing. The Bob Zehr party, including Bob, Brad and Allen were the ones that got to try out the new "Milky Way". The day did not cooperate as it was wet and rough out on the lake. But the fish did cooperate and everyone found out that fish could be caught on our newer version of the Milky Way (still has the boat name "Prime Time" on it.) Amidst the rough seas and rain drops, the 3 fishermen were able to land 3 King Salmon and 2 Brown Trout before calling it a day. Although it wasn't the best day out on good ole Lake Ontario weather-wise, it sure can be called a successful day of fishing for this hearty fishing crew!

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  • A Day Fit for Kings!

    The Sat., June 23rd charter for the John Reed party fishing with Milky Way Fishing Charters did turn out to be "a day fit for Kings!" The four members of the fishing party were kept busy as they caught 6 out of 9 King Salmon.


  • Lake Trout Limit for the Dominianni Party!

    Saturday, June 16th, turned out to be a good day of fishing for the Mike Dominianni charter as the party of 4, including one mighty 6 year old "fisherwoman", ventured out onto Lake Ontario to try their hand at Lake Trout fishing.


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