Almost Another Laker Limit!

On Sat., Aug. 20th, the Rick Welsh party chartered with the Milky Way. On this day, the lake did not settle down until later in the afternoon and varied water temperatures made the fishing tough for everyone trying to fish that day! Although a long day, Rick and his party did end up with 7 Lake Trout and after a lengthy try to get that allusive last trout for the limit, it just wasn't meant to be! Our youngest fisherman, Anna, proved to be a real trooper when it came to fishing so hats off to everyone for making the best out of not one of the better days for fishing out on Lake Ontario!

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  • Good Times and Lots of Fish for the Heuvelton Boys!

    On Sat., July 30th, the Dave Liscum party of six boarded the Milky Way for a fun day of fishing. The boys from Heuvelton not only knew how to have a good time, but how to fish as they caught their limit of Lake Trout along with a couple of Kings running in the 10-12 pound range.


  • A Pair of Kings Trump the Day!

    On Wednesday, July 20th, Al Montanino returned to Lake Ontario again this year, with his grandson, Johnnie, to fish aboard the Milky Way.  The day started out perfectly with the first catch of the day being a big King Salmon by Al's grandson, Johnnie.


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